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Rules of Using the Olympic Club Loyalty Card

  • To apply for a Card, please fill in the Application form and submit it to the casino personnel. You will get the Card for free. The Card will be activated within 24 hours.
  • To collect bonus points on slots, insert your Card in the card reader. While playing table games, present your Card to a dealer before starting the game. 
  • The Card is personal and may not be transferred to a third party. 
  • If the Card has been inactive for one year or in case of misuse, OCL has the right to cancel the Card and existing points without prior notice. 
  • OCL retains the right to cancel the Card at any moment without prior notice in case of Customer cheating or breaking the internal rules and regulations of OCL or laws of Republic of Latvia. 
  • The minimum bonus points amount that can be used for continuing the game is 500 points, equivalent of 5 €. 
  • OCL is entitled to review amount of bonus points on the Card in case of system errors, malfunction or cheating. 
  • OCL is entitled to change discounts offered by the Card, offer new discounts and reconsider rules of using the Card without prior notice. 
  • Family members and relatives of OCL staff are neither allowed to have nor use the Card and discounts offered by it. 
  • Loss of theft of the Card has to be immediately reported to Olympic Casino by phone +371 67828777 (24h). 
  • A reissue fee of 5 € is applied every time the Card is being replaced more often than once in a month.