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The Estonian joint-stock company, Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG), is a parent company of Olympic Casino Latvia, and it owns 100% of the company’s shares.

OEG began operating in September 1993, in Estonia, when it also started to use the “Olympic Casino” brand. In 1998, OEG was certified according to the international ISO 9001 quality standard by carrying out its activities pursuant to its set requirements. This has continued to the present day, which is proved by the positive results that have been achieved in the compulsory recertification audits.

In 2013, OEG subsidiary companies were operating in seven countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia and Italy. Since 2006, OEG shares have been quoted on the Tallinn Stock Exchange, and a little later a share quotation was also offered on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

OEG management council and supervisory council

Olympic Casino Latvia started its activities in Latvia in August 2002 by purchasing shares from the company, “Casino Daugava”. In April 2003, the company opened the first casino in Riga that used the “Olympic Casino” brand, which was located in the “Radisson SAS Daugava” hotel. Currently, 37 Olympic Casino Latvia automatic game casinos operate in Latvia, located in Riga, Daugavpils, Ventspils, Liepaja, Valmiera, Sigulda, Cesis, Jurmala, Jelgava and Saldus, and there is also a single casino with gaming tables which is known as “Olympic Voodoo Casino” which is located in the hotel, “Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija”, in Riga.

On the basis of constant cooperation with OEG management in the form of personal, as well as thanks to remote meetings, Olympic Casino Latvia is implementing the parent company’s strategy in the local gambling market by achieving the approved quality goals regarding financial aspects, and customer, human resources and internal process aspects. The performance of all of these is reported on a regular basis along with the annual reports that are submitted by Olympic Casino Latvia.

Olympic Casino Latvia cooperates with the parent company to ensure cooperation with any parties that are involved in the company’s operating footprint: OEG provides the necessary support to Olympic Casino Latvia, thereby ensuring successful cooperation with all parties that are involved in the company’s operating footprint, while Olympic Casino Latvia provides feedback and the necessary information to OEG regarding any issues that relate to parties that are involved in the company’s operating footprint and to the activities in the field of corporate social responsibility that are to be implemented.


By the end of 2014, almost 676 employees chose Olympic Casino Latvia as their place of work. The company’s achievements depend on its staff. We ensure the recognisability and success of the company in our daily work. Our task is to create a holiday in everyday life and provide a great atmosphere in our casinos.

We will always be happy to have with us creative, joyful colleagues who understand the importance of high quality customer service and are able to provide such a service. 

The aim of Olympic Casino Latvia is to provide a competitive salary, the opportunity of receiving a high quality health insurance policy and other social guarantees for each employee, and the offer of bonuses for achieving both individual and team goals. The entire team meets up to take part in shared events twice a year, in sporting games in the summer and at the annual Christmas party. 

Olympic Casino Latvia supports the initiative of its staff and its own participation in social support and charity activities, clean-up campaigns, sport and healthy lifestyle promotion events. 

Olympic Casino Latvia regularly assesses the work environment risks for its staff, and ensures that it meets all work safety conditions by providing resources so that the respective events can be carried out properly and preventive activities can be implemented. The company constantly carries out assessments of its places of work, and, when necessary, carries out any required work to ensure their improvement, as well as organising preventive events for risk prevention where different work performance processes are concerned. Olympic Casino Latvia develops and implements a plan of preventive events on an annual basis in order to improve the work environment and reduce risks. 


In order to provide our guests with a service of a unified quality standard, a quality management system has been introduced in Olympic Casino Latvia since 2004. Olympic Casino Latvia is certified pursuant to the international standard, ISO 9001.

Olympic Casino Latvia has set unified requirements in all of its automatic gaming and gaming table casinos regarding the services provided in them.

It is important for Olympic Casino Latvia to provide an invariably high level of guest service as set out in the company standards with the aim of providing an unforgettable casino adventure for each and every visit by its customers, thereby encouraging long-term cooperation, promoting the loyalty of regular guests, and attracting new guests.

Since 2011, Olympic Casino Latvia has been taking part in the “Praise Good Service” campaign by promoting the continuous improvement of the service being provided, along with its customer service levels.

Good service – this is an endless improvement process in terms of the services being provided and the awards that are received, endowing a company with an even greater sense of responsibility concerning the service improvement process.

The opinion of each of our guests is important for us, and it is on the basis of these opinions that we aim to improve of the quality of our services. We would like our guests to provide their references, proposals and comments on our service in one of the following ways:

  • by filling in a reference form in our casino,
  • by calling the reference phone number on +371 678 78 678 and leaving your auto-reply message,
  • by filling in the reference form on our website. 

Olympic Casino Latvia carries out a customer satisfaction survey by making inquiries once every two years or more often when necessary in order to discover the suitability of the services being provided and the company’s response to customer needs and wishes.

Olympic Casino Latvia protects the confidentiality of their customer data. Customer data at the Company’s disposal are stored and used in compliance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Latvia and in line with customers’ privacy rights.