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About the Company

Olympic Casino Latvia SIA (OCL) is Latvian subsidiary of the largest gambling organizer in the region - Olympic Entertainment Group AS (OEG), which is based inEstonia. On December 2016, OEG owned 120 casinos: 24 in Estonia, 54 in Latvia, 18 in Lithuania, 8 in Slovakia, 15 in Italy and 1 in Malta, as well as 35 sports stakes reception points. Group employs 3000 employees in 6 countries. OEG started operation in Latvia, in 2002 by purchasing a gambling operator "Casino Daugava", which was located in hotel Radisson SAS Daugava (now - Radisson Blu Daugava). OCL operation was significantly expanded in 2005, when OCL purchased the gambling operator "Baltic Gaming". On August 22, 2014, the Board of OCL decided to reorganize the company by way of merger, and in the result company Altea Ltd. was acquired and added to the acquiring company - OCL. The reorganization process was completed on December 23, 2016, and resulted in a significant increase in the number of casinos owned by the OCL.

On July 30, 2013, OCL received interactive gambling license that gives the right to organize gambling on the internet. Since August 1, 2013, OCL offers its customers internet gambling throughout the Latvian territory, under the trade mark "OlyBet". On September 6, 2013, OCL received gaming and betting stakes reception license which gives the right to open gaming and betting reception points. In 2016 a total of 12 gaming and betting reception points were opened in the OCL casino premises.

933 people have chosen our company as their workplace in 2016. OCL offers its employees a stable and competitive salary, various types of social guarantees, company-paid health insurance, as well as a wide range of training opportunities.

In 2016 OCL net sales increased by 2.2% - 51,645 milj. EUR.

Since 2004, OCL Managing Director is Gints Pakārklis.